Honor and Glory

Honor and Glory

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Book One of the Honor and Glory Trilogy
After training for over a year to fulfill her destiny as Dragonborn and defeat Alduin, Ylva knew she would need a challenge. Joining the Companions in Whiterun seemed like the only guild she could ever call home. But she still doesn't feel quite settled. None of the Companions know she's the Dragonborn, the savior of Skyrim. And she doesn't want them to know. What would they say if they knew? Would they respect her? Or would they hate her and tell her to leave? Would they scoff at the idea that a woman barely into her adulthood had been the one to save them? Maybe not all of them, but Vilkas, one of the most respected members within the Circle, and one of the most honor-bound men she has ever met, can't seem to fathom that thought. Because of this, Ylva doesn't know if she could ever tell her new family who she truly is.

NOTE: I do not own Skyrim, the Companions, or any of the dialogue from this game. This is a fanfiction and a fanfiction only; I only own my original characters and dialogue.

Sequel: To Kill A Dragonborn

Drag0nborn Drag0nborn Apr 11
Finally. A Skyrim fanfiction where the writer isn't illiterate or completely uneducated about the game
FujiokaSakura FujiokaSakura Nov 06, 2016
Ok sorry that was a little mean *sighs* maybe I should just... *starts reading story again out of guilt*
hella-hella-writing hella-hella-writing Jun 11, 2016
I hate Njada Bc even after Bc a werewolf she still like "I'm still tryna figure out why Skjor let u in"
MarisaStow MarisaStow Feb 24
This is already so great and well written, to be honest it's kinda discouraging me from writing the Fanfic I was going to write. lol you're rockin'. 😎
_rockatansky491 _rockatansky491 Dec 06, 2016
Omg I have to say couriers are the worst with "Got something I'm supposed to deliver - your hands only." I swear - every time he says that I'm soooooo close to Shouting him to Oblivion
FujiokaSakura FujiokaSakura Nov 06, 2016
Nope sorry I can't. I'm the dragonborn, I killed alduin and now I'm in the companions, yay! Don't get me wrong I luv being a werwolf, but come on sooo cliche!