Unfamiliar Territory [Book One]

Unfamiliar Territory [Book One]

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willthefifthalfred By willthefifthalfred Completed

"It all began in a blanketing fog, between a young boy and a strange dog."

There is something strange about Alex's new school. Something really wrong with it's students. They whisper about him, make fun of him, and harass him before they ever try to get to know him. 

Everyone except the Tea Drinkers, that is. 

They welcome young, naive Alex with open arms. They take him in when everyone else avoided him like the plague.  

But something seems wrong with them, too. They are almost too nice. Too accepting. And they keep making these strange demands while their tea leaves poor Alex weak, dizzy, and confused. 

Then there's the strange dog that keeps stalking him--smiling at him like it knows something he doesn't. It comes coupled with a fog that descends into Alex's life, blinding him and stealing away the students around him. 

Little does Alex know, these people, creatures, and events are all connected -- all working with and against one another. Vying for control and dominance through any means necessary. 

And, little does Alex know, they all want a piece of him. 


(Rated M for Language)


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FlightlessTales FlightlessTales Sep 21, 2017
Fantastic start! I can already tell this is going to be creepy and amazing xD
- - Mar 23, 2016
Binge-rereading this tonight! :)
                              I love your writing. :o I now remember why I wanted to cowrite with you.
                              Hope you're still up for it! ^~^
zloves23 zloves23 Feb 04, 2016
I really love this book already please please keep written this book
ECHO_squadron ECHO_squadron Jan 25, 2016
the book is really interesting and this is a awesome first chapter.
LanaeNigliazzo LanaeNigliazzo Nov 05, 2015
Wow. I really did feel uneasy that whole chapter. Awesome start!
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Sep 11, 2015
I thought I remembered something. Then I saw my comment. Must have been here before. Will have another look, I get so easily distracted by - look a flying book! Xd