Chasing Casey ✔️

Chasing Casey ✔️

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Lauren Jackson By LaurenJ22 Completed

#1 Mystery | #1 Thriller | #1 Young Adult

Have  you ever known someone more than you know yourself? Known them so inside out that you could finish their sentences and know what they're thinking, just with a glance? 

  That was Casey and I. We were the ultimate best friends. We knew more than we should about each other. I was hopelessly and undeniably in love with him.

  I still remember the day perfectly. I wish I could say there was something to hint that it was coming. There was nothing. I thought I knew everything about him. Apparently not.

  He killed himself and a part of me died along with him.

  He was dead, and so was I. 

  Or, so I thought.

** Cover by Reachingformorex **

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Wat does that mean?!? Was he murdered or pretending he died?!?
THE PROLOGUE SEEMS AWESOME but I an getting a hunch that I will cry. Not that I need a reason to do so. But I don't want to cry :(
garnet_snowdrop garnet_snowdrop a day ago
Wait so he's not dead? For some reason I thought this was a story about how she geta over him 😂 I guess I didn't read the description right
He part of the CIA and had to disappear. If this doesn’t happen I’m gone be disappointed
Sorry this had nothing to do with this, but I sat next to the guy I liked in English. I got to class one day and his feet were on my chair. He saw me and said, " I wish you weren't here today."  I know it's stupid but I cried over it. lol I'm so overemotional. 😂😂😂
At first I thought that said “Andy” and I was like ooh she moved on