Chasing Casey

Chasing Casey

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Lauren Jackson By LaurenJ22 Completed

Have you ever known someone more than you know yourself? Known them so inside out that you could finish their sentences and know what they're thinking, just with a glance? 

  That was Casey and I. We were the ultimate best friends. We knew more than we should about each other. I was hopelessly and undeniably in love with him.

  I still remember the day perfectly. I wish I could say there was something to hint that it was coming. There was nothing. I thought I knew everything about him. Apparently not.

  He killed himself and a part of me died along with him.

  He was dead, and so was I. 

  Or, so I thought.

** Cover by Reachingformorex **

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honestly this sounds like the beginning of every story I tried writing on wattpad
dracaarys dracaarys Nov 10
i don't think the msgs are from casey i think they're from owen
...So I thought? Great now I have to read this in order to find out what happened
i used to keep my crush on a boy at bay by using anger... I hated him. I was so rude to him. Or at least tried to...
Obviously it's suicide.. and It's sad that that happened if it did
Okay, what? I thought she usually gets these messages on her bedroom window. And these messages are anonymous? Like, everyday it'll always be something that Casey used to say or call her or..?? Someone please explain I'm kinda confused here