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A ghoul's feast (Tokyo Ghoul)

A ghoul's feast (Tokyo Ghoul)

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z a e By -docters Updated Dec 13, 2016

[Tokyo Ghoul x reader]
A new ghoul has been said to be dangerous, even more so than the average ghoul. Eating humans and its own kind, having invisible hands... wait, what? And is said to be disguised as (y/n) (l/n)...

Yandere_Artzi Yandere_Artzi Apr 30, 2016
Lucky it was his arm i couldve done worse (like his wee wee)
kpop_sungmi kpop_sungmi Apr 27, 2016
Wow... So much details and YAY!! I GET TO RIP PEOPLE'S LIMBS OFF!
Echo_Kira Echo_Kira Dec 03, 2016
If the food where talkin about is Oreo, Kit Kats, or Bubur then I'll be like :
PapiPalo PapiPalo Jan 01
I feel like this could be an elfen lied crossover with Tokyo ghoul
xxxmistress xxxmistress 6 days ago
This reader-chan kinda just sounds like Rize from Tokyo Ghoul.
This is great so far, is it going to be like Elfen lied with the hands or is her kagune just invisible, oooooor she got mind powers