All Too Well

All Too Well

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kat By Mileysmuffins Updated 5 days ago

Decisions. That's where it all starts. 
You have two choices in life: you either choose the right decision and see where life takes you, or you choose the wrong one and see how life tears you apart limb by limb. The problem? You don't even notice. 

Changes. This follows right after you have made your decision. If you choose the right decision, you will also change your life positively. If you don't, you will not only change your life but also yourself into someone you promised you would never become. 

This story deals with a girl who slowly loses herself and sees a boy as her only anchor who keeps her steady. The problem? She doesn't notice that anchors can also pull you under.

Drugs, boys, anger, heartbreak,  betrayal, regret  and a lot of drama force you to make decisions you wish you never had.

highest rank: #143 in Teen Fiction [12/04/2016]

TattleTiger TattleTiger 7 days ago
You can't live in memories because once reality comes you won't be able to cope or live with it. Rather not dwell on the past and moments that will always remain unchanged
I hate Minnesota, I'm planing on moving to New York City when I graduate high school.
TattleTiger TattleTiger 7 days ago
I love watching people go about their daily lives. Please don't take me as a creepy person. Just a habit since I was a child. Lovely book by the way
channelpink20 channelpink20 Dec 27, 2015
Ahh me to I've always wanted to live in Manhattan or florida
PandoraOlympia PandoraOlympia Oct 26, 2015
I'm excited to read this book. Genuinely intrigued by the story intro.
AndreeaS1D AndreeaS1D May 01, 2015
This is amazing! You're really such a good writer and i'm really looking forward to the rest of this story!