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Rivals For Breakfast by floralessence1
Rivals For Breakfastby floralessence1
I know if I get close to him I'll scathe not burn, I'll melt not soften, I'll shatter not break, but he has a glow so black it turns hematite into butterflies, there is...
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Living With The Girl Next Door  by SJB2420
Living With The Girl Next Door by ♡•⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶SJB✨
Aaron Jenson, the boy every girl dreams to be with, the boy with the perfect grades, perfect face and perfect body. Everything in Aaron's life is perfect except for his...
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One True Pairing by sorrytothatman
One True Pairingby shani
Actress Cadence Moore may be part of the cast of hit TV show, Levi's Knot, but she's disappointed with the script and direction of the character she plays. Behind the sc...
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Boys for your stories  by Just-dreambig
Boys for your stories by Sandra oak
Beautiful guys that you can put as the main characters of your stories
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Try Again  by Vikki_thebest
Try Again by Vikki_thebest
"Boy, I gotta watch my back, cause I'm not just anybody." -Aaliyah
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The Lynch's  by Besties2019
The Lynch's by Besties2019
The Life of the Lynches and The the life Instagram also
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• BOYS • by brkn-luv
• BOYS •by nana
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Untold by BronxxKairo
Untoldby Brooklyn
Brooklyn is a 22 year old hard working woman in college, hoping to become a successful lawyer. She is known for being ambitious, organized and likes certain things her w...
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Instagram - Social Media Fanfiction by yamalaleem
Instagram - Social Media Fanfictionby Heartbreaker
Alessandra Litstorm a rising Model, Actress, Singer and Internet Personality Instagram and Twitter Journey with Drama, Romance, and Betrayal.
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NIBIRu by Flower_Olive
NIBIRuby Flower&Olive
Nibiru is believed to be the cataclysmic destruction of the world by some giant planetary body. But that's a lie. We are nibiru. It may be the our own inner battles. It...
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The Mysterious Happenings of Aldridge Bay  by -crazycliche-
The Mysterious Happenings of uptowngirl
Vivian Atwood's father moves their family across the country for a job that he didn't need to escape the emotions he doesn't want to face. Chasing a change and a good di...
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Loving, V by dreamerleah
Loving, Vby dreamerleah
When Liam Cooper is Betty cousin Who lives with them in Riverdale. While a certain lodge comes into his bad boy heart. How will this end. Season 1-3 (OC x Veronica Lodg...
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The tiger mate by wolfgirl_moon12
The tiger mateby wolfgirl_moon12