Sonadow: Love Is Hard {Book 1}

Sonadow: Love Is Hard {Book 1}

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Okay this is my first Sonadow story. I hope you guys enjoy!
Shadow just broke up with Amy and Sonic just broke up with his girlfriend. Sonic gets kicked out and moves in with Shadow. Shadow and Sonic later realize their feelings for each other, but with their ex girlfriends pulling them back into loving them, will Shadow and Sonic ever admit they love one another?

~Read To Find Out!~

~Warning!:  will be fluff, lemons, and swearing! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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EmilyMuto101 EmilyMuto101 Oct 25, 2017
A cheating clod. In other words, an insufferable half formed traitor mega-clod!
fluffycock fluffycock Mar 23, 2017
he's faster than the speed is sound... and he uses a car? pft
SkyFlame777 SkyFlame777 Oct 08, 2017
Its ionic that Sonic gets kicked out for being untidy but then he does this
PvPQueen101 PvPQueen101 Aug 18, 2017
Nah that's what he looks like when he's ready to run a marathon. What do you think?!
TheFanFictionManiac TheFanFictionManiac Jan 29, 2017
Oh..I don't know.....i cheating bitch ads phyco who needs a life
AnythingGirl03 AnythingGirl03 Aug 02, 2016
Ha! Amy got dis by her cooking.
                              Amy: Hey! I still cook better than anyone!
                              Me: NO you don't!
                              Shadow and Sonic: Yep! Lumia is right!
                              Amy: Ugh!!
                              Everyone(except Amy): *laughs like crazy*