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Heart and Home~ Edmund Pevensie

Heart and Home~ Edmund Pevensie

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Gabrielle By ____Gabrielle____ Completed

Fauns dancing around fires. Griffins soaring high. Unicorns galloping across wide fields and centaurs battling giants. 

These are things Amelia Cromwell sees every day. 

She doesn't know how they happen or why she sees them but every time she looks through a rain covered window or at a patterned wall, they're there. Does she feel crazy and odd about these sensational images? Absolutely. 

 It feels like something is missing in her life, but what?

Now that her father has gone off to war she has to stay at the beautifully empty mansion of Professor Kirke.

When four siblings arrive at the mansion, Amelia's life is thrown upside down. With an irritable boy, an emotional little girl and two protective older siblings, life could not have suddenly become more complicated. 

Throw a mystical land and magical creatures into the mix, and the result is confusion, anger, hope and love. 

Edmund Pevensie seems ready to grind Amelia into a million pieces, but when she is his only comfort and last hope in a land where nothing is familiar, could love bloom in the depths of his shadowed heart?

"Yes. I'm not ready to die yet. There's still so much I have to do..."

"Like what?"

He sighed, "I've always wanted to sign up for the army - to help us win the war so that other children don't have to be separated from their parents like we were. I need to see my dad again, make sure he's okay and not dead with a bullet in his chest. I have to... apologize to Peter for being a complete arsehole of a brother. I have to tell Susan that I'm really thankful for her making sure I'm okay, even when I was so rude to her. I have to tell Lucy that despite all the problems we had as brother and sister, I love her... I love all of them... more than they know..."

Amelia heard a single sniffle as he tried to wipe away the tears at his eyes by rubbing his head against the fabric on his shoulder. 

"We'll get out of here, Ed, you'll be able to tell them all. I'll make sure of it."

Always-Harry-Potter Always-Harry-Potter Nov 20, 2016
This is the third time I'm reading this story! It's so good!!!!
aundreyuh aundreyuh Jun 01, 2016
I'm only on the first chapter and I must say that I love your story already! You have a natural talent and you are really using it wisely. Keep up the good work!
cattasha cattasha Jan 03
AND then they met Newt Scamander, think, nineteen twenties to thirties 😉 😉
-hopeless-romantic -hopeless-romantic Jun 25, 2016
This paragraph is confusing and also in the last chapter there was a paragraph like this. You may want to rewrite it. It's just a suggestion.
Zirealic Zirealic Aug 15, 2016
The moment he said this I would of slapped him. Just one painful backhanded slap.
sandersensarah sandersensarah Apr 26, 2015
Awww.. That's so touching <3
                              Her character really drives this story. This is brilliant. Voice is most important for writing, and you've got that down already! Great job!!