A Daughter of Aslan

A Daughter of Aslan

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Before the famous Pevensie siblings were even born, there was another family already in Narnia. The Kirke siblings, two boys, and two girls, eventually discovered the world of Narnia themselves after the youngest sibling fell into the icy wonderland.

The White Witch, believing the Kirke siblings to be the ones told in the Prophecy which stated that she would someday be overthrown by two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve, killed the two older Kirke siblings while the younger ones managed to escape. Elizabeth, the youngest of the four, was accidentally left behind in Narnia by her brother Digory II.

Now hunted by the Witch, Elizabeth is on the run when Aslan, a lion who is the king and god of Narnia, intercepted the girl. Living in this country for almost 60 years, Aslan taught Elizabeth how to survive and practically raised her as his own, and gave the girl the gift of magic like that of the Witch.

Digory Kirke II, now a retired professor living in 1941 England, agrees to house children during the World War II bombings of London. Soon after, four English siblings to be sent to the old country mansion with Digory II where they will be safe.

One day, the youngest Pevensie sibling Lucy finds a wardrobe that transports her to Narnia just like the Kirke siblings forty years before her. What will happen when the Pevensies join the magical lion, Aslan, and the long-lost Kirke sibling, Elizabeth, where the unavoidable fight against the evil White Witch, Jadis, lingers in this mystical land?

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