Forced To Marry My Enemy[Completed]

Forced To Marry My Enemy[Completed]

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Fenrir Karma By shamshamtriea Completed

Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel are popular on the school namely Fairy Tail High Academy or FTHA for short. The two of them are the ones the boys and girls want for because the two of them are hearthrobs.

Lucy is the President while Natsu is the Vice President and the two of them are rivals.

What have caused their rivalry and what will happen if the two of them are on a arranged marriage?

Date Started: 07/10/2015
Date Completed: 10/19/2015

Hey, be nice to her. She hasn't done anything wrong yet, but if she starts to bitch, y'all can say whatever you want
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Dude I just realized Luke kind of matches up with Lucy and natsume sounds kind of like natsu. And as far as I know they're OC's. Lol
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