To Be A Mate

To Be A Mate

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Is it possible for love at first sight to actually exist? Is it possible for it to be that easy? Is it possible for werewolves to find their mates in the simple process of love at first sight?


Jennifer had a simple life. She was smart, pretty, and kind. She wasn't popular, but wasn't socially awkward. She has plans to go to college and to get out of the little town she calls home. 

 Does Jen believe in werewolves? No. Does she believe in wasting her time in lovey-dovey relationships? Not at all.

So why does she take a second glance at a boy named Jake?

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ChloeWaiteRIP ChloeWaiteRIP 4 days ago
I have had the same simptoms for about five months now and the local doc is an idiot so I don't know what's up neither. And if you saw this Dr. Kruger I apologize but seriously. Where did you get your medical degree?
emmonono emmonono Jun 06, 2016
ha to get dicks. sorry but am i the only one that finds that funny?
MunEclipse1 MunEclipse1 Jan 05, 2017
So a super girly girl, who hates dirt, but wears just under enough makeup to not be a plastic, plays soccer?  Bit contradictory, just to say. But I do like the main to be, unique.