Jewel Thieves (On Hold Permently)

Jewel Thieves (On Hold Permently)

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DarkMoon By DarkMoon Updated May 23, 2012

Emer O'Brien is a púca jewel thief. Siofra Ryan is a pixie jewel thief. Emer and Siofra are the two best jewel thieves in their Sidhe realm. Not only are these two partners in crime they are also best friends. Something goes wrong on one of their jewel heists landing Emer in the hospital. After four weeks Emer is out of the hospital with a memory full of holes and no clues as to what happened that night. 

Emer's accident brings in the elites to investigate the matter. Cianán Moore an elf and his leprechaun partner Ruadh Kelly are the ones sent to investigate the incident at the museum. 

With no real clues as to what happened at the museum can Cianán and his partner Ruadh find out what happened without finding out what Emer and Siofra really are? Can the thieves Emer and Siofra solve the mystery of what happened that night without reveling who they truly are? Will all involved in this matter make it out with their hearts still intact or will the Sidhe realm be changed forever by these four?

  • adventure
  • elves
  • fantasy
  • leprechauns
  • mystery
  • myths
  • pixies
  • púcas
  • romance
  • thieves

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