Kings and Thieves

Kings and Thieves

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The beautiful island kingdoms of the Detache Ocean have been flourishing for eight hundred and seventy years. Ari and Aveline, two lawless pirates, have been happily robbing every one of them for about five. But Lyla Quincy, the daughter of the Grand Duchess of Apreuna, has been stuck in her own kingdom for almost two decades - and she wants out.
She's about to get her chance.
Young princes and princesses all over the kingdoms are vanishing in the night, and no one can figure out where they have gone. When the Queen of Apreuna asks notorious thieves Ari and Aveline for help, everyone is shocked. And Lyla wants to find the royals too- but when she tags along on an adventure with a pirate gang of criminals, she might uncover more secrets than she bargained for.

Adventure, Fantasy, Romance ❤️

cover by the amazingly talented @RadharaniBhattacarya

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StoryInTheMaking StoryInTheMaking Apr 25, 2018
I love this timing continuation throughout the chapter. Really helps it flow!
InMyWebb InMyWebb May 08, 2018
Oh I am so glad I was finally able to get started on this! I am so glad you suggested a r4r! You are an excellent writer!
GMTSchuilling GMTSchuilling Mar 09, 2018
It’s very helpful in setting the scene and expectations ☺️
kellz2606 kellz2606 Dec 16, 2018
Step three; the transgender
                              Step four; The genderfluid
                              Step five; The tomboy
                              Step six; The dragqueen
                              NO ONE GET OFFENED
lovetoreadabc123 lovetoreadabc123 Sep 29, 2018
I LOVE how you started off the chapter! The descriptions were amazing! It really gave me a visualization of what the scene looked like
Lydia124 Lydia124 Aug 12, 2018
I love the way you started the chapter with descriptions like that! Normally I forget what's written and it all feels pretty pointless so I appreciate you tremendously ❤️