When Life Takes A Turn (Completed)

When Life Takes A Turn (Completed)

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Have you ever fallen in love?
Is your life dramatic?
My life is not.*sighs*

Have you ever felt blank emotionally?
That is what I feel. 

People often tell me that my life is perfect. I have always been everyone's favourite. I am not really "famous" type but I am not even unpopular.

            I, Becca Wilson, is just one more girl around in the class, who occasionally answers some questions that the professors ask. 

When I look at people around me, I always wonder how exciting their lives are. You have that something or 'someone' on your mind every minute, every second. 
That something you have to think about, deal with and solve. 

It wouldn't have been boring if I had something to wake up to. I wish...

Anyways, a new semester is starting today. I hope it brings something to my life. 

I wish my life takes a turn. 
A right one.


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Ah,this is good beginning. A typical life of a teenager *sighs* 
                              I enjoyed  it.
You bet I was imagining Lucy Hale, as Becca before looking at the cast♥
bug4163 bug4163 Aug 16
Hi I'm bug (short for Lydibug), it's obviously not my actual name but that's what everyone calls me. I've been writing my whole life but I'm afraid most of the novels I've written aren't very good 😁
My response to my best friend's boyfriend problems all of the time 😂
Pretty good description 💕 I really liked it and it was a nice flowing chapter
vchips_123 vchips_123 Apr 09
As I said Im reading it again and well u wrote 'warmed' instead of 'warned'