Love Is...

Love Is...

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"Love is..." I explored my brain to find the most suitable word in my mind dictionary that could fit in the definition I was trying to say; the definition that could make the jerk, sitting opposite me with a smirk on his face, believe in 'love'.

"Bullshit?" He offered with a huge arrogant smirk on his face and no matter how much I agreed with him on this particular matter, I couldn't agree. So, instead of nodding my head in agreement, I scowled at him. His smirk grew bigger and he leaned away from me, gazing at me with his piercing grey eyes. "Finding it hard to make me believe in love when you yourself don't believe in that shit, huh?"

With his piercing grey gaze fixed on my every move, I realized that 'being the devil's cupid' was going to be a lot tougher than I had eventually thought.

(By the author of 'And We Meet Again')

queen-ira queen-ira Jun 23
Bro the cover is really good all my covers stink..... I delete all my books
marveel00 marveel00 20 hours ago
I read and we meet again and I loved it, lets see about this one!
Love this book honestly such a good writer love all the sass aswell 😝
I love this book. It made me cry and therefore I wanna give you a small token of appreciation which I hope you'll acknowledge because I took my time making it for you. I love you soooo much.xx
- - May 17
Wow. I think I should start my books with that sort of message, it was very respectful and interesting. Nice
Just fr d fantastic author of "And we meet again" ll check out dis one....i hope its as best as dat one:))