Friends Or More?

Friends Or More?

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When Amanda decided to leave her parent's house and finish her last year of high school from a small town of North Carolina, she had only wanted to have a normal life. She didn't want to be judged by her rich family background.

Then she met Alex Green and she thought she was finally happy. She thought she found the love her life. Alex was the most popular boy of the school. A reputed badboy/bully, but to Amanda, he was the best. Until..

Until she met Kyle Hunter. 

Every story has twists, secrets, fights, heartbreaks and an 'epic love story'.
Amanda Ryder had one too, but it didn't last long..

~~ (IKMP Series #3) Can be read alone!


- - Mar 29
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Is she Bella and Caleb daughter or Noah and Iliana daughter???????????????
dolansrlife dolansrlife Feb 27
And to think that I knew this quote from a long time ago and practically live by it...
nbtnis nbtnis Feb 24
I really want this kind of friendship..the actual real friends they are.. I want one Hunter and I want to be Hunter for friends ...adore them
logiegirl15 logiegirl15 Jan 07
No. I still hate Caleb and nobody can take that hatred for that arrogant, monster that is a rich little boy away from me.
desaiabhiii desaiabhiii Dec 25, 2015
I did love the story and want to live a life like them would love to have a girl like bella in my life