I dare you [J.B]

I dare you [J.B]

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Laritza By fablukex Completed

Dares are taken serious by the Janoskians, but what if one dare is taken too far?

Jai is dared.
He tries his best to complete it.
Hurting people wasn't on his plans but does it anyways. 

One month is all he gets to complete his dare. 

Read to find out what happens to Jai and his Dare.

teamjaisus teamjaisus Apr 03
Can my mum be like this lol (I'm too young to drink but can she like let me go hang out with people and have minutiae parities )
jahoojaid jahoojaid Mar 13
oml thats my last period too and i had a test for it yesterday wtf. i fucckin hate history
mxxseblxxd mxxseblxxd May 14
My mom would've smacked me so hard I would've been put back into her womb if I said this.
I was  born and raised in Puerto Rico but both of my parents are Dominican ;) :)
I know how it feels, I always fifth wheel with both of my best friends
I've taken Spanish for 2 years and going to have to take it until at least 11 grade. Every time I see it I want to cry