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teach me // j.b by lowkeydisaster
teach me // j.bby anika
"Just don't tell anyone please" I looked him in the eyes. "I won't, your secret is safe with me," I sighed in relief from his words, "But you ha...
  • teenfiction
  • badboy
  • wattys2016
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Hired for Jai Brooks by ebeny_11
Hired for Jai Brooksby Rose
Hey people my names Savannah and this is what happens when my sister drags me to her favorite youtube groups concert and and end up becoming the one and only Jai Fucken...
  • lukebrooks
  • jaibrooks
  • danielsahyounie
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Silent by ALovelyWriter24
Silentby ALovelyWriter24
Jai gets told off by his brothers for being an annoyance. Suddenly, a simple fight escalates into something so much more and leaves Jai hurting and broken. He decides th...
  • janoskians
  • sad
  • thoughts
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nate garners sister: e.d and g.d; Dirty by Dolan1550
nate garners sister: e.d and g.d; ethan_gray
Nate garners sister fall for a Dolan?!?!? but which one?!!!?! Super dirty 13+
  • fanfiction
  • ethandolan
  • graysondolandirty
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The Tormenter ǁ Jai Brooks by Amysusie
The Tormenter ǁ Jai Brooksby Amysusie
Cherry Ambrose was the type of girl who did all her homework, had almost no friends and invisible to all. But that was 3 years ago so what will Jai Brooks think off her...
  • janoskians
  • lukebrooks
  • brooks
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My Brothers Best Friend by amziixo
My Brothers Best Friendby amy .
Aria Yammouni is this sister of James Yammouni. When their mother goes to England, they are told to stay home. Aria has 3 best friends, Brooke, Yianni and Megan. But mos...
  • drama
  • jaibrooks
  • romance
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Sold to the Gang Leader  by madalinelbrownie
Sold to the Gang Leader by Madaline Brown
Katherine is just an ordinary 17 year old teen who's life is changed forever. What happens when her parents sell her to the worst gang leader in town? Will she fall in...
  • teenwolffanfic
  • danielsahyounie
  • lukebrooks
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The Unknown Cimorelli (Cimorelli/ Fifth Harmony/ You) [Wattys 2017] by Misfit0123
The Unknown Cimorelli ( madmads89
Y/N Brooks. She lives with her foster family. What do you think will happen when her real family finds her after 16 years? It all happens at a charity concert by Cimorel...
  • danicimorelli
  • dinahjanehansen
  • jaibrooks
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Love lessons [J.B] by beatifically-
Love lessons [J.B]by taffie
* Sequel to Sex Lessons * He's given her lessons in sex but how easy will it be to teach each other how to love again? ~⠀⠀⠀⠀~⠀⠀⠀⠀~ Achievements: #17 in fanfiction - 27...
  • 5sos
  • lukebrooks
  • jamesyammouni
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Janoskians Preferences & Imagines by Cai0t0lin6
Janoskians Preferences & Imaginesby cait(lin)
Preferences and Imagines of the Janoskians.
  • danielsayhounie
  • lukebrooks
  • baniel
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Surf -Luke Brooks- by escapehemmings
Surf -Luke Brooks-by diana
"You owe me," I glared as I crossed my arms over my chest, not bothering to help the panting boy infront of me. He just stood up from the ground, droplets of...
  • lukebrooksfanfic
  • jaibrooks
  • beaubrooks
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Tides X Jack Johnson by johnsonswrap
Tides X Jack Johnsonby johnsonswrap
"We lost a beloved close friend. He didn't deserve this but I guess it was his time. He will always be in our heart and never forgotten." - "Jack, you kno...
  • drama
  • love
  • jackjohnson
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Wounded by ALovelyWriter24
Woundedby ALovelyWriter24
This takes place when Jai and Luke are 16 years old in Australia. James will be in this. Jai had always been shy. Sometimes, that can be a really good quality to have, b...
  • suicidal
  • scars
  • thoughts
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The janoskians imagines (requests are open) by Cloecox
The janoskians imagines ( ~~
Love the boys and I decide to do a imagine book on them so here we go :) Go follow them on twitter an Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channels :g
  • jaibrooks
  • beaubrooks
  • jamesyammounie
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The Adopted Sister by LunaLovesYou143
The Adopted Sisterby Luna Ellious Carter
Meet Daniella Sahyounie, Daniel's little sister. Well, she's not blood related to him though. She is adopted. People usually forget that she's adopted though, even thoug...
  • danielsahyounie
  • janoskians
  • beaubrooks
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Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooks by Loly_diva
Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooksby Loly_diva
Most important: My parents are bitches! Hi Luke, Hi Jai.. Your our sex slave Fuck Pranks Dares YouTube
  • sexslave
  • beaubrooks
  • wattys2017
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Contained Love •Book 1• by PurpleHarlequin
Contained Love •Book 1•by Harlequin
Book 1 of the Luke Brooks series. Luke Brooks, a 19 year old with a nasty habit. Bought to the new insitution in hope for a new life, but that all goes downhill when She...
  • sinister
  • danielsahyoune
  • luke
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stereotype - jai brooks by nikesgod
stereotype - jai brooksby kiara
two different people that hate each other
  • janoskiansfanfic
  • beaubrooks
  • daniel
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When Twins Fight by ddupejai
When Twins Fightby 🧡
Jai and Luke hate each other. Jai is the scary and more dominant twin. Where as Luke is the coward-like and afraid twin. Jai bullies Luke in front of the others but be...
  • janoskians
  • danielsayoune
  • jamesyamouni
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I'm sorry, I don't  remember  by spikerz1702
I'm sorry, I don't remember by spikerz1702
DISCLAIMER:ARIANA IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS STORY. Part three of the Jai Brooks and alexa series. Read to find out what happens...
  • twintalktime
  • daresundays
  • beau
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