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Elisa Carams is a two from Hampton, a small, reserved state of Illèa. As a two, she is a part of the highest social elites, has proper etiquette, and knows everything there is to being a lady. She has everything she could dream of except for the one thing she wants most- her freedom. The thought of freedom from her Mother's tightening grip on her is all she's ever wanted. 

Elisa's mother is willing to strike a deal. The selection for her admission into a public college, her freedom. She reluctantly agrees, and all of the chances she ever had of freedom evaporates when her name is called.

  Will she ever be free of her chains?

 Based on The Selection series by Keira Cass

*original storyline; check author's note for details*

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dilucas4444 dilucas4444 Sep 10
That is just me....Plus when books FINALLY get updated, I forget everything about it since I easily read a few dozen a week, and it gets confusing.
Abba_The_Hut Abba_The_Hut Aug 10, 2016
This is one of the best book series I've ever read, I've reread it at least 3 times and it's amazing, I'm sorry that this happened but I'm glad you wrote again! 😘
- - Mar 29, 2016
I'm so sad that this happened to you and I didn't read your stories before, but I'm going to read them now. :)
Great tips! I found myself thinking of ways to incorporate them into my own story. Thank you:)
                              Now on to reading your novel...
emily_v_bos emily_v_bos Nov 28, 2016
That's right God loves you and we love you to if you ever are in need of a friend to talk to you have me
Zendaya92 Zendaya92 Jun 10, 2016
THAT was really inspiring! I already know this is going to be great. That really touched me.