What if?! KNB X READER [request open]

What if?! KNB X READER [request open]

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pen name: l e o n By theclumsylion Updated Nov 09

don't you always have that one question hanging off your tongue, that question that always sparks something new? 

 so let it out....
what if?

[requests open]

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When is saw BTS ..
                              The first thing that came in mind to me was..
                              but..that ended quickly..
actually as I saw BTS I fangirled then d0oD I was wrong lolololololol
UnusualDelicacy UnusualDelicacy Feb 02, 2016
- what if they saw you naked (like bump into you coming out of the shower or changing
                              - what if your ex came back to talk to you while you're on a date w them 
                              - what if you bought lingerie and wore it to see their reaction (;; 
                              yAEG IM KINKY LIKE THAT RIP
LilKawaiiDarkSoul LilKawaiiDarkSoul Dec 25, 2016
Can I request a kuroko one? I f possible can it be both Kuroko and Kise? If not than just Kuroko It's fine! :)
Superinos Superinos Jun 30, 2016
What if you caught them singing?
                              What if they act girly? 
                              Very creative ideas man 👌 keep it up
chocodraco chocodraco Dec 24, 2016
Request?:3 I dunno but I think James Arthur - Say you wont let go is kind of match with midorima's tsundere-ness lol. Can you make a story based on that song?:)