My Girl (KnB x Reader)

My Girl (KnB x Reader)

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Bakamono Isnear By Bakamono_dearu Updated Jul 26

A girl that is their ideal. A girl that makes their hearts beat faster. A girl that is perfect in their eyes.

That girl is you.

"No, I d-did not, nanodayo. I want to be your lucky item forever."

"I'm already sure I love you. Your unpredictable actions awhile ago made me fall for you more. Atone for it, ______. Be my girlfriend until I marry you."

"____-chii, I like you."

"...Because I love her. I'm sorry, but there is no other reason."

"I'm scared too.... But I manage to fight it off... Because I want to be beside you when you freak out. So... Can you do me a favor and stay by my side while I protect you? "

"Don't you know I also feel the same? What an insensitive girl."

"I'm sorry I did not say I like you when you're still alive!"

"Everyone's perfect in their own way.. ______, you are perfect in your own way."

"I love you. I have loved you ever since we were kids and I still do. Up until now."

"I do love you, _____. So much. And even though you changed your looks, perspective in life... I still do love you."

"It's a pain to know that I don't deserve you."


One shots of Kuroko no Basket characters x Reader. I do not own them obviously XD. (or do I? dun dun duuuuuun //shots fired)

I took dialogues from the one shots themselves. Message me if you found who said it and what part it was mentioned and let us be friends!~~~

And also, I do accept requests!~ Come at me, bros X3

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lunabell4 lunabell4 Aug 19
Ella: hey Luna, didn't your boyfriend say something like that, when he tried to be cheesy? 
                              Luna: actually.... well it was meant to say something like that but he managed to screw it up and say "you cute, I want to be your unlucky item" I walked away faster than flash that day
lunabell4 lunabell4 Aug 19
Ella: yeah I liver you *holds a liver*
                              Luna: *squeaks* where did you get that?!?! ○__○
sunshinebabey sunshinebabey Jul 02, 2016
fanfic made me lose my values a long time ago, don't worry…
22jasmin66 22jasmin66 Sep 03, 2016
Kyah!~ ka-waiiiiiiii!!  OMG !! XD takao is very funneh,but mido-xhi (midorima) is kawaii
IzumiTakahashi279 IzumiTakahashi279 Oct 19, 2016
What if your carrot is Midorima himself, get it, cause he looks like a carrot, haha yeah no ok.
Bakamono_dearu Bakamono_dearu Aug 10, 2016
Hello, people! Author here!!
                              I edited this one shot since the old one is cringe worthy, I confess X'D
                              You guys can reread it it peop! Love ya! Peace out