Mischief Managed

Mischief Managed

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When Brianna Convelo begins her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she has little idea of how her future will unravel. Once at Hogwarts, Bree's life becomes hopelessly entangled with those of four boys who come to call themselves the Marauders. In the next seven years, and the years beyond that, she finds friendship and loyalty in their group.

But that friendship is far from perfect- the relationship between the five of them is dotted with mischief, smudged by a looming betrayal, and sprinkled with a tantalizing hint of love and...what could have been.

~ A Sirius Black lovestory ~

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manya_12 manya_12 Dec 30, 2017
Oh shut it James my friend adores you that is only why I don’t scream at you, say one more word about Slytherin I believe I no longer care!! 🙃😋
ablurubu_99 ablurubu_99 Dec 29, 2017
Not all slytherins are bad... I'm a gryffindor and I'm aware of that XDD
She didn't even know the supposedly horridness of neng a slytherin dimwit.
Chantal_Hp Chantal_Hp Feb 12
Finally Reading this. And i’m already sooo ready for it!!!