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No Way Out by TheQuietHufflepuff
No Way Outby TheQuietHufflepuff
Adalyn Michaels followed in her father's footsteps. She works at S.H.I.E.L.D., alongside her father, underneath Director Nick Fury. One day, the impossible happens. A Su...
Battle Cry // TFATWS by TheQuietHufflepuff
Battle Cry // TFATWSby TheQuietHufflepuff
The Blip changed all everyone knew; as if the Big Three hadn't done enough. With a group of radicals on the loose, thinking they're doing good, and the shield, meant fo...
While Helping Him by whynot_10
While Helping Himby whynot_10
Even though you may want to have your life non-messy, even though you may want to have good grades, true friends, nice, functional family, and even though you may want t...
The One That Got Away {Book One in The One Series} by RosesReality
The One That Got Away {Book One Rose
' "I will not ask again, who are you?" Sirius Black took in the stranger on his doorstep, wand still out. "I," she said "Am Adalyn Black." ...
The One That Lied {Book Two in The One Series} by RosesReality
The One That Lied {Book Two in Rose
Book Two in 'The One Series' Adalyn Black hasn't seen Harry Potter in three years since she left him in her bed, and since then nothing has gotten in the way of her doi...
I'm Still Standing by TheQuietHufflepuff
I'm Still Standingby TheQuietHufflepuff
Sometimes heroes lose. Sometimes people die. But it's courage, drive, and hope that is required to push those who remain on. And sometimes a rat. They've been through u...
Not Your Average Princess by pegasusathena282
Not Your Average Princessby pegasusathena282
Taken away to another country when she was very young, Ada remembers very little about herself. Like the fact that she is a princess. Now sixteen, Ada has just found out...
Altered: Shay's Backstory by Shaythewolf
Altered: Shay's Backstoryby Shay
Every BlackGuard kid has a past, Shay is no exception. Coming from a troubled past Shay seeks refuge in the mysterious BlackGuard after being removed from her home with...
My Dreams came True by Caitlyn__Bieber1
My Dreams came Trueby Caitlyn
Hi my name is Adalyn and I've always gotten bullied since I was in 6th grade. I am now 15 and it still happens. I've done so much bad things to myself but the one thing...
Bording School Sucks by mickymouse
Bording School Sucksby micky
Samantha- or Victoria- just found out that she isn't who she thinks she is. In fact no one is who they said they are. One morning she gets nabbed from her room and taken...
Dream Boy by Giing66
Dream Boyby ♥ ♪ ♥ Giing ♥ ♪ ♥
He slammed my body against the cold lockers, placing both his arms either sides of me, locking me in. "We can't do this." I gulp, resisting the urge to run my...
Stephanie and the way to Rewrite the Stars by owlette1
Stephanie and the way to Rewrite Raven
Stephanie, a girl living with a peculiar condition on Earth. Moreover, her future saves a big adventure where their friendship chain will be tested. But, it's not that s...
No More Running (One-Shot Contest Entry for The One That Got Away) by EmotionsRunFree
No More Running (One-Shot Melody
One-Shot Contest Entry for RosesReality 'The One That Got Away). Go read it then read this!!!!!!
Silenced Voices by Riles_loves_books
Silenced Voicesby Riles_loves_books
Everyone who was anyone knew about Ike and Adalyn. The father-daughter duo have been almost everywhere in the country of Rind. They were quite possibly the most talented...
The One by UniqueGeek67
The Oneby Livey
I look at him as he passes my window. Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, and Dream Body. Simon. I hide behind the curtain afraid he'll look my way........
The Secret Between Us (Unedited)  by Sweet_Kkiwii
The Secret Between Us (Unedited) by Kkiwii
{{COMPLETED}} The first time someone wouldn't pay attention to me because of a certain newborn, I was furious. So furious in fact, I ended up scribbling "Regarde mo...