The One That Got Away {Book One in The One Series}

The One That Got Away {Book One in The One Series}

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' "I will not ask again, who are you?" Sirius Black took in the stranger on his doorstep, wand still out.

"I," she said "Am Adalyn Black."

"There is no such person." Said Sirius, his heart dropping.

"Oh but there is, father." '

When Adalyn Black turns up on her father's doorstep, Sirius is surprised to find out that the only girl he'd ever loved had been pregnant with his child-and she'd know it when he'd dumped her for reasons he refused to tell anyone. 
After seventeen years of not knowing her father, Adalyn explores her new life with him and his God son, Harry, who she can't help but fall for-especially when Ginny Weasley so obviously has her heart set upon him.
At a fast pace through time you will see Adalyn face love, heartbreak, friendship and death. Will she mend her father's heart, and then her own? Or will her first true love get away, just like her parents?
(Completed with second and third book out)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, any characters or dialogue or plot I may use in it, merely Adalyn and whatever other characters that do not belong in the HP universe.

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magicisreal0503 magicisreal0503 Feb 23, 2016
Is anyone else having troubles playing this video and the next video but that's it
sarahkinsellaa sarahkinsellaa Jun 11, 2014
Great start! And I love the name, and the cover even more! Whoop! My god... Sirius is extremely uneducated when it comes to himself O.o loljk xD luffing it so farr!
- - May 14, 2014
Hey, the title wasn't just a Katy Perry reference. It's also a song by the Civil Wars.
RosesReality RosesReality Jul 21, 2013
                              Well, I always thought about doing a prequel - but I'm doing a lot right now, so I dunno.
ColorlessCrayons ColorlessCrayons Jul 21, 2013
I like it a lot and would love it if there was a story about Sirius and Lucy.
RosesReality RosesReality Jan 02, 2013
                              I do as well...she had to make a tough decision, but she turned out okay in some ways.
                              And thank you! I hope you enjoy the series :)