The Squad Effect

The Squad Effect

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Book One in the Affect Series

Qinamills high has two kinds of people. Greasers and Jocks. The Greasers are hipster-like and aren't very well known. They protect their own. The Greasers have been known to despise the Jocks every year and vice-versa. The Jocks are into sports and varsity jackets. They have little compassion for people who aren't Jocks like themselves.

This year, Cameron Dallas and his jock friends are trying to break the barrier of Jocks and Greasers. They encounter many obstacles, including love, on the way to diversity in the school.

Note: This is a gay fanfiction so don't go and start fucking complaining that you thought it was straight because it's not

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The Outsiders is all I thought of (awesome movie you should watch it if you haven't)
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