Love Is A First (Spot Conlon Fanfiction)

Love Is A First (Spot Conlon Fanfiction)

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Twilight Eventide is a 15 year old girl who has a temper, a bad temper. That's where she got her name, Tempest. She is a real good fighter and can take care of herself pretty well. When she was 5, her parents were taken away and murdered, therefore she had to run away and ended up in Manhattan, for everyone thought she was the one that did it. Jack Kelly, who became her unofficial brother, took her in after a few years and brought her up to fight and sell papers. She has no need to dress up as a boy, being herself is much more intimidating. Tempest cannot do anything and thinks there should be more excitement in her boring dull New York life. 

Spot is the feared newsie leader from Brooklyn. He is known as a big womanizer, but he hasn't found "the one" yet. Right now he is with a girl named Livia, a greedy shirtwaist factory girl. He is a pretty good leader for Brooklyn, his cane that he stole from Pulitzer and his slingshot are his main weapons. Being intimidating has always been his way to get people to do what he wants, but it doesn't work on Tempest, not one bit. 

As they meet,  will these two powerful newsies clash? Or will they be able to tolerate each other, at least until the end of the strike?

(I do not own any Newsies Characters except the ones that I made up!)

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DaveyIsTheBest DaveyIsTheBest May 10, 2017
This reminded me of a girl that is 2 grades above me, but she came to our school last year. Her name was Midnight and her old school was Sunset. Just kinda found this funny 😂
herpderpslurpies herpderpslurpies May 10, 2017
Question: Why was she accused of s murder at age 6 ? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the story, just a question.
Yes i love the movie ones i like the musical too but no one seems to write about the movie lol
For some reason... i thought this was the broadway version! But then again i guess its the Newsies 1992 version.
OfDragonsAndSirens OfDragonsAndSirens Aug 10, 2017
For some reason, I need to get this out of my system;  LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!!!!
- - Mar 06, 2016
I'm not sure if I'm right but I believe you accidentally put "his" instead of "is".