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Back to the Newsies by heythatsmycigar
Back to the Newsiesby zim-zam-goddamn
In which a girl travels back in time to the Newsies strike of 1899. She finds new friends and a new life. What more could she want? And when the time comes, will she cho...
The Newsie by -coreyhaim
The Newsieby maria
Avery Conlon is the twin sister of Spot Conlon, making the two the king and queen of Brooklyn. Spot is overprotective of his sister so what happens when Avery falls for...
Brooklyn // Racetrack Higgins by grace_aledia
Brooklyn // Racetrack Higginsby ♫ 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 ♫
in which the sister of spot conlon finds herself falling for a manhattan newsie who carries a cigar. ~~ [Racetrack Higgins x OC] ~~ Started: 3/27/2020 Published: 4/5/202...
Queens by Shadowbird38
Queensby Indigo
(Highest ranking - #1 in #womeninpower 03/10/19) ~Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep the boys safe~ Crown Tuck is the leader of the Queens Newsies. She's a...
Unlocking Him: A Spot Conlon Love Story by hopes4somethingmore
Unlocking Him: A Spot Conlon hopes4somethingmore
"I'se don't care if it's a boy's name! Ya wanna make somethin' of it??!" Charlie didn't need anything from anyone. Neither did Spot. Charlie thought trust cou...
Brooklyn's Queen: A Spot Conlon Love Story by queenofnewsies23
Brooklyn's Queen: A Spot Conlon Carrying The Banner
Finley Kelly, the little sister of the famous Jack Kelly. She's the only girl newsie in all of New York, and because of this, she needs to hide her gender. She's tough...
On The Docks | A Spot Conlon Love Story by SlimeyBoiDeceit
On The Docks | A Spot Conlon The Mom Friend
Hi, I'm Anna Sullivan, but I mostly just go by Ash Kelly these days. "Why?" You might ask, well, let's just say I'm running away from the past... And the Bulls...
Brooklyn's Girl (A Spot Conlon love story) by Radiogirl437
Brooklyn's Girl (A Spot Conlon Jace
Joss Kelly is the younger sister of Manhattan Newsie Jack Kelly. Joss is the only female Newsie in Manhattan, so she hides behind the alias of Jace Kelly, Younger brothe...
Brooklyn~~ Spot Conlon x OC by spot_conlon518
Brooklyn~~ Spot Conlon x OCby spot_conlon518
Jolynn Morris was the twin sister to Charlie (or Crutchy). They were both outcasts in Queens. Crutchy because he was a crip and Jolynn because she was his twin. But she'...
Come Sail Away * Spot Conlon Love Story * by Jules_Rose147
Come Sail Away * Spot Conlon Jules_Rose147
Kat Kelly, the sister of Jack Kelly and the only female newsie in all of New York. But no one knows that. She disguises herself as a guy so she doesn't get taken back to...
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘 • 𝐉𝐀𝐂𝐊 � none ya business
"You snuck up on me, Jack Kelly. I never even saw it coming." Jack Kelly x OC Jess Conlon. Spot Conlon's little sister, who ran away from home when she was fif...
Letters and Dances | Skittery  by nuggetmcnugget
Letters and Dances | Skittery by :)
"Your smile can light up a room -love" - Strong language is used - Book One: Started: 17 June 2020 Finished: 16 July 2020 - Cover By NuggetMcNugget (me)
You are the Key--A Newsies (Spot Conlon) Fan Fiction #2 by LoofahsSwanson
You are the Key--A Newsies (Spot LoofahsSwanson
When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper, ten cents per hundred, the newsboys, poor enough already, ar...
That Girl From Brooklyn by whit1112
That Girl From Brooklynby whit1112
Based on the hit Broadway musical and Disney movie. Charlotte is a girl who needs to survive after her parents die in a fire so she gets a job as a newsie. Trying to hi...
Brooklyn baby (spot conlon x reader) by SimpForBowersGang
Brooklyn baby (spot conlon x SimpForBowersGang
Spot is known as the King of Brooklyn and y/n is known as the Queen of Queens so what if they fake date but one rule. 1. Don't ever fall in love. But what happens when...
Spot Conlon x Reader | The Queen Of Queens by SlimeyBoiDeceit
Spot Conlon x Reader | The Queen The Mom Friend
Y/n Jacobs, the sister of David, Sarah and Les Jacobs had decided from the age of 11 to become a newsie. So she ran away while young and joined the Queens' newsboys, whi...
newsies fics by kingofsantafe
newsies ficsby bee
can also be found on my tumblr @albertdasillva (you should def look me up on there because I have things like headcanons and short fics on there that I will not post on...
Warrior by RensLightsaber
Warriorby Hailey
This is my and my amazing friends re-written version of the movie Warrior. Adding our characters to it and putting more back story into fighter. Again, a lot of story ch...
BATTLE ROYALE | Tommy Conlon by somekindofstardust
BATTLE ROYALE | Tommy Conlonby problem child
"for you, i would get beat to s m i t h e r e e n s." - in which tommy is not only fighting for himself, but for his family too [warrior] [tommy conlo...