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Wait! Werewolves? (Complete)

Wait! Werewolves? (Complete)

134K Reads 5.2K Votes 31 Part Story
jrdnmoysepoole By musicgirl2465 Completed

Tyler is the typical 18 year old girl. She goes to school. Hangs out with friends. All the normal things a teenager does. Until newbies Logan and co join school. They are new in the small town. nobody knows where they came from or why the other about 30 kids joined school at one point. But Tyler knows that something is up the second they make eye contact.

  • alpha
  • alphafemale
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  • highschool
  • humanwolves
  • humour
  • logan
  • luna
  • mate
  • morphing
  • pack
  • prankwars
  • rouges
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  • shifting
  • tyler
  • werewolves
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  • wolves