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Demon's Girl (Black Butler Fan Fiction)

Demon's Girl (Black Butler Fan Fiction)

94.9K Reads 3K Votes 23 Part Story
Gabrielle By smalltowngirl8261 Completed

Eighteen year old Gabriella Phantomhive believed for three years that the fire that almost took her life took her entire families, until her Aun finally shows her brother is alive. Sent to the States for schooling, Gabriella races back home and finds her darling brother in the care of a butler dressed in black. As she discovers the secret they hide and the life they live, Gabriella offers her soul in trade for her brothers, but is her soul really what the demon wants? Or is there something more to this beast that meets the eyes? 
I also want to point out that I do not own any of the black butler characters. I only own Gabriella. The real amazing characters are all thanks to the creatures of black butler.