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Echizen Rika: The Next Challenge by sasaki_Senna
Echizen Rika: The Next Challengeby Sasaki Senna
After finally reaching the top, Winning the National Tournament, Seigaku is then invited to the prestigeous U-17 camp!!! Since Rika is also invited, There's definitely a...
  • tezuka
  • court
  • echizenryoma
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Tennis no Kōgō-sama! A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction by littlelemon06
Tennis no Kōgō-sama! A Prince of 孤爪 白
Prince of Tennis is a good manga, but it's lacking one thing: more girls. Sure, we have Tomoka, Coach Ryuzaki, Sakuno and An, but that's pretty much it. So, I decided t...
  • princeoftennis
  • ineedhelp
  • anime
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Prince of Tennis x Reader by NatsuKyoya
Prince of Tennis x Readerby NatsuKyoya
A bunch of Prince of Tennis characters x you, the reader. :3 Enjoy~ I won't be taking requests for this, but I'll try to get at least one for as many characters as I can.
  • fluff
  • atobekeigo
  • oneshotcollection
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Empress of the Court by angelsugarlolz
Empress of the Courtby Seina
Two individuals with almost the same personality clash against each other and sometimes even hate one another. Atobe Irimi gains interest towards Echizen Ryoma after wat...
  • romance
  • anime
  • sports
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Just A Stranger [Prince of Tennis Fanfic] by AsSyifaNadiyya
Just A Stranger [Prince of AsSyifaNadiyya
This is my first non-Attack on Titan fan fiction, so please enjoy it. Feel free to give me advices, critics, and stuff (。・ω・。)ノ♡ ~Author
  • fudomine
  • tezukakunimitsu
  • oishi
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Princess of Rikkai (Prince of Tennis Fanfiction) by chraosze
Princess of Rikkai (Prince of Chraosze
FemRyoma x Kirihara fic. Fem Ryoma is OOC. Kirihara x OC fic. Follows the prince of tennis timeline a bit. Echizen Rei goes to Rikkaidai because they were the national...
  • prince
  • akaya
  • kiriharaakaya
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Princess Vs Prince (Echizen Ryoma X Reader) by SitiSakura
Princess Vs Prince (Echizen Siti Sakura
Synopsis : You are a tomboy girl and been popular of 'The Princess of Tennis' nickname. You are really love tennis and want to enter the tennis tournament. However, what...
  • tennis
  • seigaku
  • sport
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Samurai's sister (Prince of Tennis) by Lovesj0820
Samurai's sister (Prince of Tennis)by Lovesj
Ryoma has a sister, yeah I know it is another sister thingy again but what if Ryoma's sister is much different from him? sports-wise and well, tennis-wise.. if Ryoma is...
  • shitenhoji
  • rikkaidai
  • echizenryoma
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Prince of Tennis (Ryoma x oc)  by DoKyungSooRealWife
Prince of Tennis (Ryoma x oc) by Thangkwa Chanthabut
Being love is very hard..... Loving someone is harder
  • princeoftennis
  • tennis
  • echizenryoma
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Devotio by Lailuhhhh
Devotioby Lailuh
The world used to be a simplistic place but has since plunged into chaos. The M-Gene, found in the 24th chromosome, giving people the ability to control elements or each...
  • anime
  • seigaku
  • echizenryoma
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Winter Mansion by Lailuhhhh
Winter Mansionby Lailuh
It's winter break and Echizen has to spend a week with Rikkaidai, Seigaku and his brother. When he blanks out during practice, he sees a lady in a bloody dress. When Ryo...
  • friendship
  • echizenryoga
  • echizenryoma
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Waiting for that Promise by almelynNekochan28
Waiting for that Promiseby almelyn
Ryuzaki Sakuno still waits for the return of the Prince of Tennis. Five years, since he left for US and the only news they know of him is that he is finally a pro. Fate...
  • sakuno
  • pontapair
  • ryomaxsakuno
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Fragile like Glass by Zeno-neechan
Fragile like Glassby Zeno-neechan
This is a Prince of Tennis Fanfiction !! I made this Story because there aren't really a lot if not just a few Stories, were there is some oc being the Princess of Tenni...
  • childabuse
  • secrets
  • ryoma
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Twin Siblings (Prince of Tennis Fanfic) by Arisha_Farah
Twin Siblings (Prince of Tennis Arisha Farah
They were separated at birth. Ryoma didn't even know he had a twin -until he mysteriously shows up at the exact same school, and joins the tennis club. How will the pres...
  • twins
  • tennis
  • princeoftennis
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UPDATED NOV 27, 2015: Two months after Ryoma returning to the US From London to Japan, Echizen Ryoma's younger sister: Cambridge University Junior High School 2nd Year s...
  • sport
  • echizenryoma
  • princeoftennis
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Tezuka Kunimitsu recieves respect of many pros however little they know that there's a rumored prodigies that considered as a monsters in tennis in middle school and no...
  • maruibunta
  • oshtariyushi
  • tachibanakippei
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Camellia [ Prince of tennis/Kuroko no Basket Crossover ] by Demonwing2344
Camellia [ Prince of tennis/ Fallen Angel
"Onii-chan, what's kind of flower is that?" "It's called a Camellia." "It looks so pretty!" "It is said to hold a meaning of flawless...
  • princeoftennis
  • kurokonobasket
  • seirin
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The Unloved One(PoT Fanfic) |HIATUS| by QueenOfFaboulous
The Unloved One(PoT Fanfic) | (F/N)(L/N)
This story is quite simple, believe me. It's just a cliche story, about the Samurai Junior's Unloved and Unnoticed Twin. Her name's Echizen Ryomi. ✔WILL NOT FOLLOW THE S...
  • princeoftennis
  • maruibunta
  • romance
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COLLISION (Prince of Tennis) by GCChiara42
COLLISION (Prince of Tennis)by Chiara D. Bustillo
He saw her, one day, on court. The way she dribbled, the way she played the sport he once played.. it awed him. Her strength, her speed, her beauty, even.. But out of al...
  • ryomaechizen
  • pot
  • ryoma
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Twin Of The Prince by OTAKUFANTASIES
Twin Of The Princeby akira-kori
Simply put is that our prince of tennis has a twin sister and the tale about the royal twins of tennis began~ I really suck at writing summary...I just notice this af...
  • echizenryoma
  • anime
  • seigaku
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