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Unspoken (award-winning series) ✔

Unspoken (award-winning series) ✔

90.5K Reads 8.9K Votes 34 Part Story
Amber K Bryant By amberkbryant Completed

Book Three of the award-winning Fold Series!

Clara and Nolan have been living happily together in their hotel-sized pocket realm for almost a year.  But is everything truly all right now?  Clara has her doubts. Something seems...off to her.  This feeling only intensifies when a stranger shows up at the hotel. He can't see them, but he seems to know they're there.

The day Nolan split himself in two, he leaves the hotel with a goal in mind and an empty place in his
heart.  It doesn't take long for all of his plans to be tossed to the wind.  Rather than the Canadian border, he finds himself crossing into an entirely new universe where he unwittingly becomes part of a multiverse rescue mission.

Avie is in exile. From her daughter.  From Marcella.  With Oliver and her family gone, Avie is forced to live out years in a world that has grown increasingly hostile to everything she holds dear. Her only desire is to survive long enough to be able to return to her daughter.  But when a dangerous man shows interest in her, she fears all of her efforts will end with a noose around her neck.

Interconnected stories in multiple realities; escapes, rescues, murder-all converging in a climax that may save one world while destroying another.

Welcome to the conclusion of the Fold Series!

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