The Tea Shop [mxm]

The Tea Shop [mxm]

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Ammie By AmelieThompson Completed

Elliot is, and has always been, stuck in his home town. Sure, it's a fairly large city. Sure, all his family and friends are there. Sure, he has a job he absolutely adores.
But he still isn't happy. No matter how much he loves working in Auntie Mae's Tea shop, baking cakes day in and day out, he can't find it in himself to be happy. He knows exactly what's wrong; he has a dream.
His dream is to one day move to Paris and open his own bakery. Baking is his passion, and he wants to devote his life to it. The only problem is that he can't seem to get away from his current life to start a new one.
He once told himself his studies were holding him back. When he was done with those, he used the excuse of renovating the entire Tea Shop. Then, when he finally couldn't find any more excuses, he gave up.
He knew he was waiting for something to happen. The problem? He didn't know what.

But what about that man who recently started visiting the shop? He definitely wasn't one of the regulars; his face, you would recognize. He comes every evening at six o'clock, and stays for an hour. Could he be what Elliot is waiting for?

*Deals with self-esteem issues which I've been told might be triggering*

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NoxFlos NoxFlos Aug 26, 2017
Honesty I never read the authors not at the end, you were great enough to make me actually read it for once.
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 Nov 05, 2017
I did enjoy your notes. It was very informative and let me see an insight to this story. So don't sale yourself short. It got my attention and I am sure it will get others. Thanks for sharing.
ontivale000 ontivale000 Jan 11
I need some advice on improving my writing skills love your writing tho
__forsakeme__ __forsakeme__ Oct 03, 2017
Definitely a well though out story everything about seems put together and the plot itself is really good .
HikazayaNikushi HikazayaNikushi Dec 16, 2017
I love details and your writing. (Low key unhappy about the 3rd person POV but it’s ok)
ssavagesuga ssavagesuga Jan 29
please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of namjoon,, he has cute deep dimples