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With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak

With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak

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John is the new kid, with everything that comes with that title; awkwardness, shyness, and attempts to make friends. Except all of this is made even worse with the fact that he's deaf.
Dave is your stereotypical resident coolkid. Except he's not. He's a huge nerd, but most people find him intimidating, what with his shades and the fact that he doesn't talk to anyone. Or rather, that he can't talk to anyone, being mute.
The two get paired together and form a close bond quite quickly, to the surprise of most of the school, but to none of their friends'.

((I really suck at descriptions. Also, updates for this aren't set, so be prepared for longish waits between chapters or several at a time.))

colorTV colorTV May 17
also since we seem to be discussing the temperatures of our states, florida ain't cold at all. we have no winter. it's just slightly cooler summer.
colorTV colorTV May 17
all y'all supernatural fans going crazy and im just "8 and all"
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                              (I cosplay him :^P)
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damn I have history, math, art, AND ELA due tomorrow and I haven't done any of it... *looks at clock that says 9:20* AHHhhhg I'll do it later
"Mr. Winchester"
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Every. Damn. Fanfic...EVERY SINGLE ONE has 413 in it. It's like 'Apartment number 413' or 'classroom number 413' and it just makes me annoyed.. sorry ;P