Proving You Wrong

Proving You Wrong

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"Sometimes we question the choices that take us to the places we end up. How did we get to where we are? Could I have done anything to avoid this? How did I end up like this? I've never found myself in a situation where I've had that feeling. Of course, that was until now. 

Maybe it was all a dream. You'd wake up in the morning and it was all just a very bad dream. An illusion per-say. That feeling of being trapped inside your head was just just a big nightmare that you eventually woke up from. 

However, this was not the case."


People gamble all the time right? 
It's not that hard.
I guess it is a little different when you're gambling for love with the notorious bad boy who may have just as many secrets as you.........

Faith Johnson? A typical teenage girl just trying to make it through high school with the help of her best friend Lexi. Her past may keep her from moving on, but sometimes that perfect person comes in your life and fixes everything. However, that person is also the only one that can tear everything back down. 

The only question is; who is that person?

Kaden Amante? Bad boy central. In attempt to catch another girl into his player trap, he makes a bet with Faith, to make her fight for his love, but will he end up fighting for hers instead? And what's a bad boy without his posse to back him up when things that Faith can't understand start to happen. Things she shouldn't know, and things that could break her. 

Maybe they need each other more than they thought they could ever need anyone. 

Who'll get to say, in the end, that they proved the other wrong?

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tzwhite tzwhite May 27, 2016
He better be cheating on her or something, cuz I won't be able to handle it if she crushes a little cutie's heart
JENBGR JENBGR Mar 11, 2016
I don't like how he says sweetie it makes me think that she is talking to her dad
graceanne314 graceanne314 Jan 07, 2017
only reason I clicked on this book is bc I recognized Brody and Rachel  from glee dancing on the cover
JenniferIIW JenniferIIW Jul 12, 2015
I like , I truly do . Would you mind me adding your story to my Top Five Story Shoutout? I would really want to share ur story
Hello_FantasyPotter Hello_FantasyPotter Mar 07, 2015
Hey You might want to get a book cover. If you want I can help you.