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His Waitress

His Waitress

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bubblysun By bubblysun Completed

"Jess, would you please get his order." Lisa winked at me and pointed the guy near the door. She is my one and only bestfriend since kindergarten.     
  "Okay." I wore my waitress apron and put my phone and car keys on the pocket. I dragged myself to the guy's table to get his order.       
  "Good Morning, Sir. Can I take your order?" The guy put the menu down on the table and he's checking me out! Jerk.     
  "I'll just have the waitress in front me. Name your price." He winked at me.       
  "Jerk!" I got the glass of water from the other table and poured it from his head to his pants so that it looked like that he'd pee on it and I stormed out from the restaurant. Who does he think he is?!?  
  Jessica is the only child of the highest tax payers in the country and belong to the top 5 richest persons in the world. Her parents own a hundred of five star restaurant chains and hotel & casinos in the country and a hundred more around the world. Her parents love and protect her so much because they don't want publicity for their daughter. They want their daughter to have her private life.     
  Jessica doesn't want other people to know that she's the daughter of the richest couple in the country but of course almost everyone  knows about it. She wants to have a simple life. One thing about Jessica is that, she hates guys because she was 'only' cheated and used by four guys already. They used her money and these four guys, she'll see them again at school and that bothers her so much. She don't feel love or hurt from guys anymore. Her heart is numb. It feels nothing. For guys.      
  These four guys made Jessica a cold and heartless person. Heartless only for guys but she's really a sweet girl once you get to know her.    
   Can a playboy jerk turns a cold and heartless girl, who hates guys back to her sweet old self?

Creeping_On_U Creeping_On_U Aug 24, 2016
I found this in the "Undiscovered" list.
                              It's got 13K reads.... *sigh*
LuxuryCat LuxuryCat Mar 31, 2014
Poor Jessica, i don't think living like that makes her happy, despite the luxury, but no real home sense and her parents are quite distant...I guess.
                              Hmm..Bryce...please don't tell me that 'His' is him ;))