My Bully My Mate!! {Editing}

My Bully My Mate!! {Editing}

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bricute3 By bricute3 Updated Jun 11, 2017

"I just wanted to hug him and tell him it would be ok and I wouldn't leave him. But I wasn't so sure if that was true myself. " 

 Leya Winters has always been bullied by the future Alpha King, Ethan Keith. She never really thought about having a mate unlike her best friend Chassidy.

 Leya always feared she'd be rejected because of her being known as 'the weak link' in their powerful pack from shifting at a late age and having the smallest wolf.

Once she found out ETHAN is her mate she doesn't know what to do. Listen to her wolf or reject him.

*As the title says I'm editing.So you may read some things and it doesn't make sense. Sorry about that, but yeah besides that I hope you enjoy the story. :D*

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sabn1999 sabn1999 Oct 03, 2016
Yep that is such a sexy pic of him i mean that sexy long hair and girly clothes
megmcc2003 megmcc2003 Mar 07, 2017
In what way??? 🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦 
                              lol I'm so immature
Alohomoragirl5 Alohomoragirl5 Apr 07, 2016
Wut? OK, this is only the first EFFING chapter and it is already confuddling my FEELS!
bricute3 bricute3 Apr 11, 2015
@skyhigh31      .Thanx I thought instantly of that song when I wrote the chapter and I am nearly done with the third as we speak
miscellaneousx miscellaneousx Apr 11, 2015
plz update the end was a cliff hanger I really want to know what happens next BTW that song totally fit this chapter
thatsamiam thatsamiam Apr 03, 2015
Please please please update soon your story has such a great start