Blue Honor

Blue Honor

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K. Williams By KellyWilliams701 Updated Jun 07, 2015

Blue Honor follows four tightly twined families during the course of the American Civil War. Sometimes yielding their own skirmishes is the only way to see friends and loved ones through the conflict. The only certainty they have is that nothing will be the same when the battles end.  

Emily Conrad is the bookish daughter of a wealthy Vermont dairy family. Her indulgent father educated her well, and cultivated ambitions thought improper by her urbane mother. It is decided by her that Emily must settle down with longtime friend, and town philanderer, Evan Howell. The outbreak of war offers Emily an escape, but a stranger soon arrives, threatening her plans more than societal conventions ever could.      

Devoted to the young woman who healed her wounds, Henrietta becomes part of the Conrad family, all the while hoping to see her husband and son again. As an escaped slave, she's lucky to have found peace there, but Evan Howell's return, and the man he brings with him, imperil her new found freedoms. This is a change that could see her locked back in irons, if not executed for what she has done.   

Evan isn't as bad as his reputation implies. He knows his chum Emily will be the best doctor Vermont has ever seen, and he knows he's not the man to marry her and see that through. With a little manipulation, he convinces his commander, Lieutenant Joseph Maynard, to take leave with him and see the beauty of the North. He just doesn't let on it's not hillsides and streams he's setting the man up for.   

Joseph has both power and privilege as the son of a Baltimore lawyer, but status can't guarantee him the things he wants in life. His commission in the army is likely to end in death, a sacrifice he was ready to make to aid the end of slavery-that was until he saw Miss Emily Conrad. Torn between duty and desire, Joseph struggles to maintain his waning convictions. 

War weary, they all march on to duty...

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