The Nerd is Actually Bad

The Nerd is Actually Bad

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• H • By CHOSEN_EVIL Updated Jul 06, 2017

"The biggest secrets, are the juiciest"
  Alina Stone is smart, quiet, a goody-goody, and invisible by others. But, that's just what she wants you to see. 
She's a championship underground racer, has a mouth dirtier than a sailor, a fiery attitude, and absolutely hates cliché moments and movies. What happens when a certain bad boy finds out Alina's real identity? Water balloon fights, dirty comments, big arguments, and some heated scenes here and there, just how bad is the quiet nerd?
"That proves that you're not who you're making people believe. The nerd is actually bad," he says mockingly. 

"I guess she is," I say. He smirks and turns around, walking down the hallway. His little threat hanging in the air. I smirk and yell, "you know it's not gonna be easy!"

He stops and without turning around he yells back,"never said it was going to be easy!" 

And with that my life got even more interesting.

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luisa_juarez13 luisa_juarez13 Jun 28, 2017
Zac efron u serious lol at least u got good taste in men cuz he is hotttt😂😂😂😂😋😋
Yay_Pretty_Me Yay_Pretty_Me Aug 10, 2017
i guess i have read this once before. cant seem to remember.
Lecleihn Lecleihn Sep 12, 2017
The best thing about being a nerd is that teachers will believe you 😂😂😂
xXx_Damn_Daniel_xXx xXx_Damn_Daniel_xXx May 18, 2017
I'll be like boi if u love me show me whats in those pants *wink wink*😍😂😂
9jagal 9jagal Oct 16, 2016
Hey I'm not mad, talking to yourself is completely 100% normal
9jagal 9jagal Oct 16, 2016
I call everyone a Bush in my head, But like how is that funny? Get a sense of humor.