The Bad Girl's Return

The Bad Girl's Return

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Kimberly Zanders was the nerd. The one who was always pushed around not only because she was a nerd but because she was chubby. She always kept quiet and dreamed of how different life would be if she were skinny and pretty and if she was popular. In reality Kimberly didn't have a single friend much less a boyfriend. She always wandered what it would be like to have a boyfriend so when she got a chance she took it without questioning.

Shawn Stevens a popular cute guy from her school asked her out and she accepted without thinking about the wicked reasons as to why he did this. Her heart was broken and played with and she was sent away. When she was away she changed her looks and her attitude. 

She comes back to her home completely changed. Adam Hendrix the bad boy is amused by her he is intrigued and wants to know more. Her best friend becomes her enemy and her enemy becomes her best friend.

I've never met one person who has a thigh gap. Also everyone has "belly fat", cuz that little pouch is always gonna be there-if it's not there, there's something wrong medically
maymayrules maymayrules May 02
U're in eighth grade and this 'guy' is kissing a girl in the hallways!? Where's the principal!?
Smh...that's why I prefer books over humans...humans are stupid and heartless
qweenlol_g qweenlol_g Jun 23
What in eigth grade u dont even have enough time between classes to kiss other girls!!!
- - Feb 14
Ok I was reading and most of this is like me but you know I don't get bullied 😇
faithfullymee faithfullymee Dec 23, 2016
Who would wanna be with a narcissistic, heartless prïck like you?? I would call u a dög but at least they're loyal.