A Quarter Mile Away

A Quarter Mile Away

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He turned slightly in his chair to face me "I'll be honest, it was a date but ended terribly." 

"Why did it end terribly?" 

His jaw clenched while contemplating whether to tell me or not "Because I was distracted." 

I raised an eyebrow in confusion "Distracted by what?" 

He looked at me directly in the eyes before answering, 



Avery is beautiful, carefree and outspoken. Well, she used to be. She used to thrive on adrenaline and the only way she could fulfil that need was by riding her motorcycle. 

Avery hasn't exactly lived the best life. With a violent ex-boyfriend, her father deserting them at a young age and her mum constantly high alongside her new husband, Avery and her sister Alena have grown up in a messy and violent environment. 

Determined to give her sister a proper upbringing, they escape to a new town and start a new life together, giving up on everything she loved in the process. Afraid of her past coming back to haunt her, she refuses to let anyone into her life. Her only focus is to look after her sister and get through senior year. 

That is until she meets Jaxon Asher who comes crashing into her life, popular amongst his peers who is also well known in the racing scene. Avery is convinced he is like every other man who's crossed paths with her. Will he prove her fears right and confirm that all men are the same; abusive and controlling or will he show her that there is still love left in this world? 



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Ha. I'm a couch potato. So I can't even destroy someone's date even if I wanted to - UNLESS it's at the school cafeteria.
Kweenzilla Kweenzilla Sep 15
I haven't started but i know im gonna love this story 💗💗
ShristiRghv ShristiRghv Sep 28
i dont know why but I have a strong feeling that i m gonna love this book..
TaurielRogers TaurielRogers 6 days ago
This sounds extremely interesting an Bad ass female cool riders r the best👍Power 2 her an I can’t wait 2 c how this is
LeiMlitwa LeiMlitwa Oct 10
I thought that you'd actually get to read the free books but you can't and all it says when you press read is,'coming soon'!!!😡
This seems like such a good book 😀😀😀 I am so excited!!