Operation Camren

Operation Camren

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Show one: LA

"Lauren! Ally! Dinah! Normani! Camila!"

All five of us groan loudly at the booming voice of our tour manager, Leslie. As much as we love her, we find it hard to show when she is waking us all up at like 5am.


That wakes me up.

I open my eyes to see Lauren grinning at me, her soul searching green eyes boring into mine. My stomach churns and a full army of butterflies are released, making my body feel effortlessly calm.

Her eyebrows furrow slightly.

Shit, I was staring.

Way to be fucking obvious, Karla.

"Cami, we've got our first show today!" She excitedly breaks me from my inner thoughts.

I look at her tiredly and try to hide my blush when she childishly jumps on top of me, tickling my sides. She pokes my left dimple when a smile forms on my lips and giggles.

I love this side of Lauren. The side that she allows nobody other than me to see. I love how she doesn't care that she is actually a dork around me and she allows herself just to be.

"Loloooooo" I whi...

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I like it already because I haven’t read a lot where it’s them on tour ( the concept of having to hide things from fans of them asking questions has me exited and wish more ff added that )
lauren they ain’t ready for this, normani they ain’t ready for this, camila they ain’t ready for this, ally, dinah jane, fifth harmony!
hdiagg hdiagg Dec 27, 2016
Wow..how could she deny Lauren a cuddle? If Lauren asked me to cuddle it would take a threat to hurt my dog in order for me to even think about letting go of her
hdiagg hdiagg Dec 27, 2016
Does anyone have binoculars? I'm trying to find the lie, and I'm having trouble pin pointing where it's located
Unr3qu1t3d_l0v3 Unr3qu1t3d_l0v3 Mar 07, 2017
i haven't read anything yet but i love it already by the name of ur acc ount X)