Your Hero (Lauren/you)

Your Hero (Lauren/you)

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Your POV

Hi my name is Y/N Y/LN, i'm 17 years old and attending Palmetto High.

My parents are just simple people, when you say simple, they are always away doing dangerous mission, going undercover and stuff and i am always home alone, at least i'm not bored because they let me use their awesome gadgets, to make the story short my parents are secret agents, how cool is that?

I wonder why they did not enter me in the program, but its fine with me. I'm really advance in education and its really boring when you already know what the teacher is discussing but my parents say i must experience highschool life like any other normal teenager.

But my highschool life is more boring, now that my that my crush is not attending school anymore, her name? Lauren Jauregui, i have a crush on her since i was a sophomore and she was a junior, where is she now? She is now well known to the world, she is the 1/5 member of a famous girl group called fifth harmony, i didn't have the chance to say hi and ...

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Jaurbae Jaurbae Aug 29, 2016
Let me just say that Palmetto is an actual place where I live
Basically me 😂 The only difference is I never wear ponytails
NowThatsBootyPoppin NowThatsBootyPoppin Mar 19, 2016
Nah, I have to put on makeup everyday, these pimples shining bright like constellations on my forehead? No thanx
Yin129 Yin129 Mar 07
30 mins till i have to leave for school and im not prepared at all im still in bed
_odetosleep_ _odetosleep_ May 22, 2016
ssweetserenityy ssweetserenityy Aug 13, 2016
Bruh I'm actually dying of laughter right now, big rob just knocked the guy out and he already called the police, the guy is already in the police station, and the manager called Simon. In the 27 seconds after it actually happened. I.Can't.Breathe. 😂