Split Emotions (Fifth Harmony/you)

Split Emotions (Fifth Harmony/you)

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Your POV 

"Come on faster, faster. I know you can beat your last record." 
Hearing those words made my body fill with rage and motivation.

I have been living in this researching building for many years trying to perfect my skills for a mission. Now I'm not entirely sure why Mr. Cowell, the man who paid to create me, was so eager to get his revenge. But all I know is that my host, which is my former  teenage self's, body and mind won't let me abandon this task. 

I felt a scream erupt from my throat as my fist collided once again to the moving punching bag, creating a hole through it. 

Jared, one of the main scientists, stopped his stopwatch and smiled in satisfaction. 

"Great Job Y/N. It only took you 3.24 seconds. That's 1.19 seconds less than the last time." 

I grabbed one of the water bottles that they left for me on the table and watched as the ripped skin on my knuckles healed quickly. 

Even though I am indestructable, sometimes when they push the limits in my training, my "...

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BabiiTarzan BabiiTarzan Jul 23, 2017
When the author knows how to grab a harmonizers attention 😂😂😂
Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Oct 09, 2017
I need Allysus, the Bible, n holy water n lots of it but mostly Allysus
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Can somebody help me because I need help getting my mind out of the gutter
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I thought that it was talking about.... never mind i need Allysus
Monica_Lize Monica_Lize Feb 15, 2017
👀 I thought of fnaf sister location. When they wanna walk out in your skin... Eww 😖
Monica_Lize Monica_Lize Feb 15, 2017
🎶 'Boy I ain't talkin bout you I'm talking bout my own reflection' 🎶