Kit to Fox

Kit to Fox

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demonsnight By devilsamist Updated Jan 12, 2017

The war is over, classes have started back accident takes place when Neville's potion goes wrong and exploded on Harry. Harry, now 5 years old with some new, unexpected furry appendages is to be taken care of by none other than Draco Malfoy. Now Draco has to protect Harry from memories of the past while dealing with new found affections. Will he be able to juggle his problem while dealing with an angst ridden friend? DMHP. Creature!Harry

This is also posted on I use mostly that site and have only just joined the wattpad community. If I post something like responding to people who have reviewed in my previous story, please just ignore it. I will be posting to format, what I'm used to.

Also, I'm sure everything in the hashtags are not all my warnings but please bare with me. If you see depression, prepare for the worst. I don't like to spoil anything so if these things are triggering or you just don't like anything, it might be best for you to look for another story. I will do my best to warn you of anything of the sort. The first thirteen chapters are just going to be copy-and-pasted though. By the way, you can check out this story on fanfiction to get more warnings throughout the story.

Thanks for clicking on my story and enjoy :)

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ok does anyone know why they call it "sweet nothings" 
                              like siriusly who the heck even started that
Life_is_stupid_713 Life_is_stupid_713 Dec 24, 2017
Im not sure he was ever mentally sane.... not with what happened to him. He thought he was a freak and my guess is that he didn't know his name until kindergarten or first grade.
wergonbgaytogethr wergonbgaytogethr Dec 21, 2017
I agree like... Nobody thought to think that his man crush\bff is Grindelwald?
H-how far did the abuse go? Im almost afraid to know but um dear author I need to know. @devilsamist
*Wipes away unseen tears*My baby Harry has grown so much, how good he is destroying Ron like that
LinuChan LinuChan Jan 07
I didn't know foxes purr... 
                              also I think more of TeenWolf than Naruto...