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My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent

My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent

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neico96 By neico96 Completed

I'm Kleyton Cartson, 20 years old, known as the genius, gorgeous, billionaire, and playboy philanthropist. I'm the only son of Jack Cartson, the most famous weapon scientist inventor in the whole world. I'm following my father's legacy and currently I'm the CEO of our company. Investors, scientists and business men were begging for my attention. People love me and women praise me. I'm living the world of every man's desire and dream. My life is all about weapons, parties everywhere, women and loads and loads of fun.

One day my world turned upside down, it all began when I met a certain woman who took my sanity and shook my world. She's too gorgeous, sexy as hell, undeniably cute and she's my angel. Upon entering my world, she brought reality to me, I discovered I was surrounded by greedy people who wants me and my family dead, terrorists who wants nothing but our devastation, my own blood who wants me and my family's corpse. But what shook me off is when I discovered that my girlfriend is a secret agent, her mission is to ensure my safety and survival, what's worst is she hates her mission and she hates me for being the son of my father, she was all along pretending to like me for the sake of her mission. My life turned into bullets and bombs, danger everywhere, a girlfriend who hates me and loads and loads of fighting. How the hell did my world turned into this?

ignite_ki19 ignite_ki19 Apr 20
Thank you so much for clarifying what an STD, I'm only 15 yrs old and I didn't know what it was!!
                              ....btw its Sexually Transmitted Infection now
lil_shit lil_shit Jan 07
with all those great things I imagine he has a small cock you know with all his cockiness and dick personal going straight to his ego
Wow, conceited much?
                              I love how you do his POVs, it makes me feel like I know him... More like of people very similar to him!
lil_shit lil_shit Jan 07
YOU'RE A COCK! POINT BLANK!THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT! I would like to apologize for my actions I didn't mean to raise my voice is should've also watched my profanity
No wonder your futurist girlfriend was literally payed to date you lawl
                              Cocky AF✔️😤
                              Boiiiiii with that ego I'm sure it's gonna pop like the lips of KYLIE👄😷