My Life, My Alpha.......My Love

My Life, My Alpha.......My Love

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"Zachary." I snickered.

He growled playfully as I laughed, dodging his attempt to grab me and took off running in a random direction. I ran with Zac right on my heels, until I turned a corner and ran into a hard chest. I prepared myself for a hard fall, when two muscular arms shot out, wrapping around my waist and crushing my body against theirs. "Hello, beautiful." The person said. I looked up to see a handsome boy, probably around seventeen also. His face looked oddly familiar and while trying to figure out why, I froze. His face was inching closer and closer to mine. I could feel his breath wash over my face as his lips was parted, only inches away from my face, eyes closing slightly, when suddenly a fierce growl shot out through the silence, that had my body tingling.

In a flash I was out of the mysterious boy's hold and my hand instantly reached out to steady myself. I looked up to see Zac, pinning the boy by his throat, on a nearby wall.

"Keep your filthy hands to yourself, she's MINE!!!!"He growled possessively.


My name is Jessica Matthews, i'm 17 and i'm a werewolf..not only that but the alpha's daughter.My life was perfect, i had an amazing family which consisted of my parents, my older brother Jared and I, I had a wonderful bestfriend, Stacey and, even though he wasn't my mate, a perfect boyfriend, Dylan, or at least i thought so, until one night he does something unforgivable and my mate waltzes in as my knight in shining armor. But what happens when Dylan won't let me go so easily and insists that i'm his. It also does nothing to help the fact that my mate is possessive and won't let anyone have what's his. Follow me on this journey of love, lust, hurt and betrayal...and hopefully...A HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

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GothamGirl99 GothamGirl99 Aug 22, 2017
i immidiately thought of Killgrave in Jessica Jones 😅😅
x_nainai_x x_nainai_x Jun 24, 2017
You all need to calm tf down cause you guys knew what she meant
iluvudoggy iluvudoggy Nov 27, 2017
Watch in 2 days she is going to be like why can't you go back to college?!?! You are so annoying Jared!!
mikaeladurante mikaeladurante Oct 28, 2016
OH MY GOODNESS THE AUTHOR DESCRIBED MY MOM... -'s hair color, hair length, height and age. Yeah.
rknox15 rknox15 Jan 18, 2017
My mums 47 but I thought she was 48 so I put it on her birthday card last year and she got pretty pissed of
Loveangeljay Loveangeljay Apr 23, 2016
Be careful with those homophones "...they're  going to do" your possessive pronoun.'re you are. Liking the story so far though