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The Blood Wolf

The Blood Wolf

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noeel1999 By noeel1999 Completed

once every thousand years a wolf will be the Blood wolf he Blood Wolf has special powers they say her powers are blessed by Demons. The powers are shapeshift into anything, change to color of her wolf fur, change color of hair, change color of eyes, fly, run as fast as lighting, heal faster than anything in the supernateral world, and can control the elements, well the only things known. The Blood Wolf isn't called that because of the color in the Blood Wolf is black with wings well it original form. They call it The Blood Wolf for one reason and one reason only they believe The Blood Wolf is suppose to end the supernateral race. Also kill innocent humans.  Every supernateral creature fears her they even claims if they even found their mate, they kills him on the spot. But, how wrong they were Blood Wolfs want what everyone wants  they want to find their mate, get marry, have kids, basically have a life.

ains246 ains246 Apr 20
Wait so the wolf has wings I have to see that I would just die laughing
Nyrala Nyrala Oct 18, 2016
Wow, I love this so far, though I think if you got an editor it would be even better! Even without an editor, I think book is great! (If you do need an editor, I could try I guess, and I'd get no credit, which is fine)
gamingnightmare gamingnightmare Oct 14, 2016
I also have a wolf book about demons and such called Heaven Wolf and one of the characters name is Demonia...
Childish2dMAX Childish2dMAX Sep 11, 2016
So... Am I the only one who paid attention to the fact that her wolfs first 5 letters in her name are DEMON!?!?!?!😑😑
wolfgirlontheedge wolfgirlontheedge Aug 07, 2016
Wow this book is really amazing and unique but it has some grammar issues other than that it is pretty cool.