2p Hetalia x Reader- Dangerous Love

2p Hetalia x Reader- Dangerous Love

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Trash Mammal By Nyan_Doitsu_Neko Updated Jul 11, 2017

Suuppp...read the title man :3
Basically this is a collection of 2p hetalia stories because I have to be honest in saying I love the second player characters. I find them really interesting. They will mostly be romance...maybe lemons in the future...don't judge me man! ;)

{I'm sorry to say but it is slow updates}

I hope you enjoy! ^.^

(I don't own the art used of the characters, nor do I own you...duh. But the story is mine.
Warning for swearing and possibly disturbing content)

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This is really good for u r first I give  it  馃専馃専馃専馃専 so far I wanna see what happens to give u more!
TalosIsAGod TalosIsAGod Apr 14, 2017
okay why the hell does Narnia remind me of 'Where the red fern grows'
                              WTF FEELS IM READING FANFICTION ITS NOT TIME
Spirtra_Reaper Spirtra_Reaper May 09, 2017
-hands everyone a plane full of tissue boxes- I-I'm sorry everyone, t-there wasn't enough t-tissues in the world. T-T
I should鈥檝e payed attention he could be giving me answers lol
_tempura_ _tempura_ Oct 21, 2017
bih they two different ppl but the same person but either way ITS ONE OR THE OTHER
FunTimesAllAround FunTimesAllAround Jan 18, 2017
Goddammit, Alfred must've warned me....... Of course its gonna be a classic oblivious Reader *facepalms*