2p Hetalia x Reader- Dangerous Love

2p Hetalia x Reader- Dangerous Love

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Death Personified By Nyan_Doitsu_Neko Updated Sep 24

Suuppp...read the title man :3
Basically this is a collection of 2p hetalia stories because I have to be honest in saying I love the second player characters. I find them really interesting. They will mostly be romance...maybe lemons in the future...don't judge me man! ;)

{I'm sorry to say but it is slow updates}

I hope you enjoy! ^.^

(I don't own the art used of the characters, nor do I own you...duh. But the story is mine.
Warning for swearing and possibly disturbing content)

Nah, half time it'll be like f/f and I'm here like, "WHAT IS IT?!" Then someone just goes, "Food. It's your favorite food" Then I basically just face wall and call myself an idiot because I knew it, but forgot XD
I'd see poppet and be like, "This ain't Arthur. Who the hell stole your soul? Did you summon Russia again?! Or did Olli-kins (yeah, I'm a weirdo, I have pet names for the 2!Ps XD) come and decide to cupcake you?
I'm going to call you Olli-kins. And Allen is Alley-oop, Francois is Fran and Mattie is Maple-kins. Yeah, Allen and Francois are going to kill me...
Or maybe the mentally unstable psychopath was tied to the kitchen chair
I usually listen to random songs I like, but I like P!atD and FOB and the rest of those things that you would expect me to listen to. Sorry, I was just listening to some pretty deep sh- stuff.(Being Oliver is hard!)
Imagine Dragons? 30 Seconds to Mars? Swedish House Mafia? Or Avicii?