Blade Burst Online Book 1: The Raven Hunter

Blade Burst Online Book 1: The Raven Hunter

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R. A. Crest By RaCrest Updated Aug 14, 2015




Zen Everett joins a new world of Virtual Fantasy. With the help of the Dive Network Link, living the experience of video games becomes more than possible. Out there fighting slimes, bandits, and even dragons, he's playing to win. 

But when players start dying in real life, playing to win becomes playing to survive. His courage, strength, and trust in others will be put to the test in a realm where everyone is the enemy. 

Bonds will be broken.

Players will fall.

And the competition for survival begins.

The gate to the land of fantasy is brought by the power of science. An epic adventure awaits! 

Updates Mondays or Fridays. :)

Cover made by @Callmesteffie

*These are drafts edited fellow teen/YA Writers. A Professional copy will be released at a later date. For now, enjoy the unpolished version while waiting for the perfected release. :)

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Scarlett_Wood Scarlett_Wood Jul 01, 2015
I like this! Would this be at all like the anime Sword Art Online? That's one of my favorites.
MayTijssen MayTijssen Mar 31, 2015
Ahw, this is a sweet chapter!  Too bad I never got the notification... Nevermind, but you better reupload your stuff soon ;)
Sakakilion Sakakilion Mar 31, 2015
Alright whatever you say, but i prefer Times New Roman because I already get used to it
SNLangford SNLangford Mar 31, 2015
I prefer my Times New Roman and no scrolling thank you very much. Lol XDDD
14Exilium59 14Exilium59 Mar 31, 2015
Thanks for the mention! ;v; This project was cool since the moment you started the first chapter but I'm sure it's even more amazing now XD
LyraWhites LyraWhites Mar 29, 2015
You are very welcome Crest ^^
                              Thanks a lot for mentioning me :D