Save Me From the Roses

Save Me From the Roses

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Nukawa Yoruuta By EyesofStatic Updated Nov 16, 2014

After a night of celebrating amongst his friends Crona suddenly finds himself prisoner to the fallen Rose Prince who has no intentions of letting him go. When Death the Kid discovers Crona has gone missing he sets off with Maka and the others to find him and bring him home safe and sound when Death the Kid soon discovers however something rather unexpected when he comes face to face to a mysterious demon duelist who claims that he will do whatever it takes if it means to save Crona from the clutches of the Rose Prince. Will Kid and the others, with the help of the true demon duelist, be able to rescue Crona from the prince of roses or will he become a slave to the roses forever?

(CronaxRagnarok/AkioxCrona (YAOI)

I did not create Soul Eater, or the characters from it, nor did I have anything to do with the creation of Soul Eater Or Shoujo Kakumei Utena. I did not create the characters from Shoujo Kakumei or Revolutionary Girl Utena either. Those rights belong to their respective owners. This fanfic Does contain Yaoi and if anyone's uncomfortable with that please don't continue reading. 

the following fanfic contains spoilers of both Soul Eater and Utena, that aside I hope you the reader enjoy the following fan fiction.

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